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Emilie Rigault Fourcadier



My career path is quite diverse. It reflects my personality: I like to question myself and explore new paths. I love to learn and discover. 

I am self-taught on many multimedia softwares and very comfortable with the Internet.

You can download my CV


I collaborate on technical projects, as well as more general ones. But my background also allowed me to specialize:

With a background in Communication Services and Networks, and being a real Web addict, I can use my experience in new technologies to help you translate your websites

My personal experiences have led me to become more and more interested in medicine. I am constantly learning and training and have already worked on many projects, especially in dentistry, orthopedics and general medicine, but also on so-called "alternative" medicines. I also have, by necessity, a thorough knowledge of meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Finally, technical translation is one of my strong points, with user manuals in the first place. I am also very comfortable with brochures and advertising booklets.


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